Open Teaching Project

Open Teaching at Padakshep

a step towards education

Open Teaching Project is an initiative from Padakshep to make education free for all. Join this effort to contribute, to learn or just to share your knowledge.

Helping students

Padakshep volunteers are mostly students or have been students in recent past. They have all come together to support students who are trying to solve their problems themselves but are not able to get immediate help from others.

What is OTP?

OTP or "Open Teaching Project" is an effort to make study materials freely available to all who are looking for it. The underprivileged students can also reach these materials as Padakshep will give them access to this website, online or offline.

Be an author

If you are a student studying all night long or a professional rising through the ranks in your company or an academic absorbed in deep thought or an avid net surfer, come on in. You are welcome to be an author of this website. Contact us.

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Padakshep-Bigyan collaboration

Bigyan is an online science popularization portal in Bengali, a vernacular language in West Bengal, India. Click on the button below to know more about the details of our collaboration with Bigyan.